Graduate Programs

Academically & Intellectually Gifted (CERT)

The Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) graduate certificate prepares currently licensed K-12 teachers from all disciplines to employ diverse and effective instructional practices to enrich, extend and accelerate the standard curriculum for gifted students. Upon successful completion of the graduate certificate, students are eligible for the North Carolina K-12 Add-on Licensure in Academically or Intellectually Gifted.

Accountancy (MACC)

The Master of Accountancy (MACC) degree is designed to prepare students for careers in public accounting, industry, banking, and other organizations. In addition it prepares interested students for further study in doctoral programs or law school. The program provides graduates with the technical skills, competencies, knowledge, and judgment to succeed as an accounting professional.

Addiction Counseling (CERT)

The graduate certificate in Addiction Counseling provides students with an emphasis in addictions counseling within their master’s or doctoral degree in professional counseling. The goal of the program is to prepare students to work as substance abuse counselors. The certificate program admits practitioners and students who either hold or are currently enrolled in a CACREP-accredited graduate degree program. The Graduate Certificate is recognition of academic achievement and enhances professional standing.

Anthropology (MA)

Anthropology is the scientific and humanistic study of the human species. Anthropologists take a holistic and cross-cultural view of the species, integrating biological, historical, and cultural perspectives. In the broadest sense, anthropologists study what it means to be human. The Master of Arts in Anthropology is designed to meet the needs of three groups of students: (a) the General Anthropology track is recommended for those preparing for doctoral education or for teaching at the community college level; (b) the Applied Anthropology track is recommended for students seeking expanded...

Anti-Racism (CERT)

The online Graduate Certificate in Anti-Racism in Urban Education allows students to explore the underlying social, economic, psychological, and political conditions that disproportionately channel advantages to particular racialized groups while denying them to others. The certificate is appropriate for educators in public and private settings, administrators in non-profit settings, counselors, religious/spiritual entities, local, regional and state government employees and others interested topics of equity.

Applied Artificial Intelligence (CERT)

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) provides graduate students with the opportunity to reach a demonstrated level of competence in the area of Artificial Intelligence and apply such knowledge to the solution of practical problems. Coursework towards the Certificate in AAI can be used for credit towards the M.S. in Computer Science degree. However, its primary purpose is to provide a well-defined target for students who want to advance their knowledge of modern AI systems and techniques but do not necessarily wish to complete all requirements for the M.S. in...

Applied Econometrics (CERT)

Econometrics skills are in high demand both in the corporate and public sectors. The Graduate Certificate in Applied Econometrics provides students with a strong foundation in applied econometrics, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace. The Certificate is a 12 credit-hour program of study focusing on the use of data and statistics to solve business related problems and guide decisions. In addition, Certificate students have the opportunity to explore graduate studies in economics prior to formally committing to a full graduate degree program. Students also enjoy the networking...

Applied Energy (CERT)

Applied Energy studies the areas of energy conversion and conservation, optimal use of resources, analysis and optimization of energy processes, as well as the limitation of environmental pollutants and development of sustainable energy systems. The graduate certificate in Applied Energy affords students the opportunity to learn through a hands-on orientation which challenges them to think critically, communicate and work in teams to solve problems.