Dual Enrollment

First undergraduate degree students at UNC Charlotte who are required to take fewer than 12 semester hours of undergraduate work to fulfill all requirements for the bachelor’s degree, may be allowed during their final semester, to enroll in certain courses for the purpose of obtaining graduate credit. Dually enrolled students will continue to be considered undergraduate students and be charged for the courses taken at the undergraduate level.

To be considered for dual enrollment, students should submit the online graduate application for admission, submit a Special Request to the Graduate School requesting permission to be considered for dual enrollment, and attach to the Special Request a program of study outlining the requirements of the first undergraduate degree. The total hours to be carried in this status shall not exceed 12 hours, of which no more than nine may be for graduate credit.

On the basis of work attempted prior to the final semester, such students must meet the grade point criteria for admission to a graduate degree program at the University. No course for which credit is applied to an undergraduate degree may receive graduate credit. Permission to take graduate courses under dual registration does not constitute admission to any graduate degree program at the University. (Note: Undergraduate students may also apply for admission to the Early Entry Program to take graduate courses.)

Only UNC Charlotte students pursuing their first undergraduate degree are eligible for dual undergraduate and graduate registration. Fifth-year undergraduate students are not eligible for dual enrollment.