Accelerated Master’s

Academically talented high school seniors are encouraged to apply for admission to an Accelerated Master’s Program and begin work toward both graduate and baccalaureate degrees in the freshman year. Apply for admission through the Undergraduate Office of Admission.

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  • Be mentored by graduate faculty beginning in the freshman year and throughout the program
  • Complete the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in less time than pursuing them singularly
  • Begin graduate coursework in the senior year (of the baccalaureate degree)
  • Substitute course hours (no more than 12 depending on the program) earned at the graduate level for required undergraduate hours
  • Engage in research opportunities early in the undergraduate program
  • Standardized test requirement and other items for graduate admission waived
  • Participation in one commencement ceremony for awarding of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees


  • Minimum high school GPA >= 3.75 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Minimum score of 1220 on the new SAT
  • Note:  Enrollment will be based on program capacity, and certain programs may have more stringent admission policies

Continuing Enrollment Requirements

  • Maintain a strong academic record at the undergraduate and graduate levels, respectively (cumulative GPA >= 3.0)
  • Exhibit stellar performance in all field experiences, research, and coursework
  • Meet all deadlines for licensure (if relevant) and graduation
  • Note:  Students who do not maintain the minimum GPA will be placed on probation the first semester and dismissed from the graduate program at the end of the second semester

Financial Aid and Tuition

  • Students may be considered for undergraduate financial aid and funding prior to completion of 121 semester hours of undergraduate credit; afterwards, students may be considered for graduate financial assistance
  • Students will be charged graduate tuition and fees after completion of all baccalaureate courses, generally beginning in the fifth year of study
Applied Physics 12
Data Science and Business Analytics 12
Economics 12
History 6
Latin American Studies 9
Mathematical Finance 12