Graduate Programs

Information Technology (MS)

The Master of Science in Information Technology is designed to equip students with advanced skills and knowledge in the planning, design, implementation, testing and evaluation, deployment, maintenance and management of applications and systems that embody information and communication technologies for their proper functioning. These skills form necessary foundations for solving practical problems that arise in business, industrial, governmental and other organizations, as well as for pursuing doctoral studies in information technologies. Current areas of concentration include: Advanced Data...

Infrastructure and Environmental Systems (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Infrastructure and Environmental Systems (INES) is an interdisciplinary program emphasizing innovations in design, analysis, construction and operation of civil, energy and environmental infrastructure and the scientific analysis of environmental systems. The interdisciplinary program also involves the development and sustainable use of renewable resources and the protection of our earth and its environmental systems. The interplay between the environment and infrastructure is thoroughly studied by students as they confront the challenges facing urbanizing regions.

Instructional Coaching

An instructional coach is a mentor who partners with teachers to improve instruction, design quality curriculum, and effectively use data to guide instruction as well as determine areas for development. Simply put, instructional coaching is coaching that helps teachers meet the needs of students to increase their achievement and performance.

Interdisciplinary Studies (MA)

The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies is an interdisciplinary program where students have the flexibility to design individualized curricula around broad intellectual interests and research focuses. Students can take graduate courses in a wide variety of academic departments and across colleges to further their studies related to their particular topic. Students complete a final capstone project to demonstrate their knowledge and mastery of their particular area of study.

Kinesiology (MS)

The Master of Science in Kinesiology prepares graduate students to advance the fields of Kinesiology through evidenced-based patient care and translational research. The program emphasizes basic and clinical interdisciplinary education and research in areas of Kinesiology. The program has three concentrations that include a clinical (non-thesis), strength and conditioning (non-thesis) and applied physiology (thesis) degree option.

Language and Culture Studies: Translation and Interpreting Studies-Spanish and English (CERT)

Students in the certificate program study the history, theory, methodology and profession of translation and interpreting and work in the analysis of different types of written and oral discourse. Students become familiar with computer-assisted translation, sight translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and develop advanced post-editing skills. Translating and interpreting is done in both directions of the language pair: Spanish and English.

Languages and Culture Studies: Translating (CERT)

Students in the certificate program study the history, theory, methodology, and profession of translation; work in the analysis and translation of different types of discourse, including non-literary and literary texts; become familiar with computer-assisted translation; and develop advanced post-editing skills. Graduate level coursework may also include special topics courses in translation and up to 3 credit hours of professional internship credit in translating. Translating is done in both directions of a given language pair: English ? French English ? German English ? Japanese English...

Latin American Studies (MA)

The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies provides students with the skills and knowledge to understand and analyze the societies of Latin America and the Caribbean—a region of key importance in the age of globalization and mass migration. The program provides an excellent foundation for advanced graduate study in the humanities, social sciences, and law. It is also designed to prepare the growing number of students who seek careers in the foreign service and other government agencies as well as those who will seek employment in non-governmental organizations with an international or cross...

Learning, Design, and Technology (CERT)

The graduate certificate in Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) prepares learners to create, analyze, use, integrate, implement, assess, evaluate and manage instructional and performance solutions. When students graduate they hold instructional design and technology positions in education (P-12 and higher education), corporate, government or military organizations. The program develops professionals who are solidly grounded in learning, design and technology foundations, principles, theories, applications and current trends and provides opportunities for them to integrate different forms of...