Anthropology (MA)

RFI Embed: 
Anthropology is the scientific and humanistic study of the human species. Anthropologists take a holistic and cross-cultural view of the species, integrating biological, historical, and cultural perspectives. In the broadest sense, anthropologists study what it means to be human. The Master of Arts in Anthropology is designed to meet the needs of three groups of students: (a) the General Anthropology track is recommended for those preparing for doctoral education or for teaching at the community college level; (b) the Applied Anthropology track is recommended for students seeking expanded skills for employment in our increasingly inter-cultural and international world. Applied anthropologists may work in schools, health care organizations, international development agencies, corporations, government agencies, non-profit foundations and elsewhere; and (c) the Medical Anthropology track is for students interested in applied medical anthropology, including those enrolled in the dual degree with Public Health (students receive an MA and an MPH at the end of the three year program).

Program Director

Dr. Sara Juengst