Organizational Science (Ph.D.)

Organizational Science is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry focusing on employee and organizational health, well-being, and effectiveness. Organizational Science is both a science and a practice, founded on the notion that enhanced understanding leads to applications and interventions that benefit the individual, work groups, the organization, the customer, the community, and the larger society in which the organization operates.

Public Health Sciences (Ph.D.)

The focus of the PhD in Public Health Sciences is to train researchers and professionals with skills essential to address contemporary public health problems at the individual, community and population levels. Drawing on the social-ecological framework, public health is an interdisciplinary field encompassing public health practice in the community; scientific research utilizing theoretical perspectives from disciplines such as anthropology, economics, geography, gerontology, medicine, nursing, psychology, and sociology. The PhD in Public Health Sciences is in the Behavioral Sciences Concentration, with a focus on health behavior, health promotion, community health and engagement, and strong research methodology.

Public Policy (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Public Policy is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the study of policy development, implementation, and evaluation. It stresses the development of skills, tools, and specialties, as well as a theoretical understanding of them, that contribute to our understanding of the structure of institutional systems and sub-systems and of how policy should be shaped within political environments.

Special Education (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Special Education prepares special educators as innovators, teachers, leaders, and researchers whose work contributes to enhancing the quality of life of individuals who are exceptional learners and their families. This program provides the solid research foundation needed for the rapidly changing field of special education. Alumni of the program are currently employed as special education faculty, research scientists, and special education administrators.