Calculating Your GPA

In the online application, you will be required to compute and report your cumulative undergraduate grade point average (UGPA).  If you have attempted coursework at the graduate level, you will also compute and report a cumulative graduate grade point average (GGPA). The GPA(s) should include grades from all courses attempted at each respective level (undergraduate or graduate) and be calculated on a 4-point scale where:

A = 4

B = 3

C = 2

D = 1

E or F = 0

Note that total quality points divided by total credit hours equals GPA. The UGPA must be be provided in the online application before the application for admission can be submitted. Similarly, the GGPA must be entered if you have attempted work at the graduate level.

Applicants with transcripts from foreign institutions can access helpful information about calculating a GPA on the U.S. system at the World Education Service [WES] website. WES also provides an iGPA Calculator for students, for a nominal fee, to instantly convert and calculate your GPA.