Financing Your Education

There are several sources of funding available to assist in paying for a graduate program at UNC Charlotte.

Sources of Graduate Funding

The below links will provide you with information to locate funding. A reminder that your most important funding resource is your Graduate Program Director (GPD), so reach out to them for details about assistantship and tuition availability.

Tuition and Health Insurance Support

Funding administered by the Graduate School that covers the cost of tuition and health insurance.

Assistantships and Employment

Graduate assistantships require working up to 20 hours per week for a stipend. Teaching assistantships involve the activities of teaching a course while research assistantships involve research projects. 

Graduate School Fellowships, Philanthropic Awards and Competitions

Fellowships are service-free awards that may include a stipend for living expenses and tuition and fees. Admitted and continuing UNC Charlotte graduate students may apply for awards through the University Scholarship Office.

External Funding

Sources of funding that are not affiliated with UNC Charlotte, such as local, state, federal, private and institutional sources.

Financial Aid

Federal student loans, based on financial need and the estimated cost of attendance, are available via Federal Student Aid.


If you have additional questions regarding funding your graduate education, please contact the Graduate Admissions team.